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ALL successful people around the globe can agree on at least ONE thing –


Do you have dreams and visions that may be lying dormant? Are there things you are longing to experience, but feel like you are being held back? Are you seeking a deeper answer to life’s bigger questions? Destiny… Existence… The Right Place in Life. coco

Are you ready to write your book, get promoted, build an orphanage… or even become financially independent? How about just being happy – joyful or in the best physical shape of your life?


This elite success conference is a two-day educational event for the woman who wants the best out of her life, business, relationship and physical health of the body. Ron Kardashian, Author, Executive Life Coach and Fitness expert will reveal the secrets of personal development and empower women who are hungry for it ALL!

At this remarkable women’s event, the keys of success and “HOW to’s” required to live an empowered life will be eagerly handed to all women who are desiring to go to a new level in their health, wealth, relationships, and the enhancement of their careers.

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“It’s one thing to feel good and be motivated at an event, but what about the practical tools necessary for when that feeling wears off? At this event, you will get BOTH! In this hour we need coaches who are interested in our success, much like an Olympian needs an athletic Coach who gives the motivation and the techniques to win the gold!” – Coach Ron


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