Ron Kardashian 

A Man Relevant and On Point

All men and women desire to be on point, in season and relevant in their dealing with others.  Both in and out of the business world if you have the ability to meet someone else’s need by delivering a word that they need to hear, you will undoubtedly find success. A relevant word can bridge divides, cross borders, and heal the sick. As the Latin writer and Philosopher Publilius Syrus so aptly wrote in the 1rst Century BC, “A gift in season is a double favor to the needy”. Plainly put, feeding a man actual food when he is hungry, means more to that man than anything else.

Leadership Coach, Key-note Speaker, Fitness Expert, and Total Life Solutionist Ron Kardashian has made it his mission in life to deliver a relevant message to every client that he works with. His ability to listen to the needs of others backed both by his in depth knowledge of human psychology and physiology has given him the ability to easily equip others quickly with the specific tools necessary needed in order to live maximum impacting, fruitful, and on point lives. According to Ron, there is no challenge economically, physically, emotionally, or spiritually that is too big that a simple and straightforward solution can’t solve. Helping others locate the root of a problem, determine the correct solution, and define a clearly executable plan for individual success is Ron’s #1 job.

Although Ron’s career began as a Personal Trainer and certified NSCA strength and conditioning coach in the fitness industry, Ron soon discovered that physical fitness alone wasn’t the only need people he was being asked to fulfill. In order to truly help others in a complete and whole way Ron began an Coaching Company for executives (Ron Kardashian Enterprises, RKE) that he still maintains to this day. In his over 14,000 hours of whole life and wellness coaching his “in season” solutions have benefited countless individuals. He has been empowering top executives, diplomatic leaders, and professional athletes with the tools paramount for increased business and personal breakthroughs since the early 90’s, long before “Life Coaching” became mainstream.

Council Chariman at Global Development Partners Ltd., John Anderson says this about Ron:

“Ron Kardashian is a brilliant motivator, speaker, coach and CEO. Leaders from all disciplines find the confidence and courage to make bold decisions and grow in their influence from a 1-to-1 coaching session with Ron. Entire leadership teams come away inspired from Ron’s electrifying presentations, able to chart new courses of action.”

Through Ron’s innumerous hours of coaching individuals and by way of his one-on-one counseling as a successful business and life Coach to many CEOs, Ron’s desire for speaking specifically to the needs of people grew. He knew that the tools that he had learned to apply in order help others had to be shared and could not be limited only to the weight-room or to the boardroom. Ron is reaching more…

Through this burning desire to meet the needs of all and in an effort to broaden his platform for message delivery, his two industry acclaimed books; Ron Kardashian’s 30 Second Solution: The Breakthrough Method for Lasting Life Change and Getting in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Program Work were written. These books now being readily available and easily understandable exemplify Ron’s overwhelming desire to teach and deliver a clear simple message on how any negative or limiting instance in ones life can be reworked, revamped, and in most cases rewritten.

Time Magazines most influential leader of the year and New York Times Bestselling Author, Bishop T.D. Jakes says:

“Ron Kardashian’s 30-Second Solution introduces…new breakthrough information for transforming old patterns into dramatic turnarounds for those who want to derive purpose and more satisfaction from life.”

 Clinical Psychologist on FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNN, Michelle Golland says:

“RON KARDASHIAN IS BRILLIANT! …his 30 second solutions give insights and tools to achieve lasting success.

Art Director of 3marketeers Advertising, Hoa Tong says:

“Ron Kardashian is an enthusiastic visionary, business leader, author, minister, motivational speaker, family man, and all around hard working person of integrity and excellence. His word is his bond and Ron has kept all his commitments to me in both ministry and business endeavors. As long as I’ve known him, his true gift and passion is to empower others to succeed in life and become the best they can be.”

Not many biographies about one man can read: Execitive Coach, Fitness expert, Total Life Solutionist, Acclaimed Author, and Humanitarian. However in July of 2013, through Ron’s continuous efforts at benefiting mankind by providing in season and on time solutions Ron became a globally recognized humanitarian through being awarded the “Ambassador of Peace” to the Golden Rule Award by the Ambassador Clyde Rivers. Dr. Rivers is the Executive Director of the North American Division of the Interfaith Peace Building Initiative to the United Nations in New York and the African Union. About this award and the progressions of his career, Ron says:

“I am so honored to receive the award. I’ve never really been honored for anything publicly… My passion is to move companies from good to great while inspiring the people who run them and their employees to achieve higher then they have every imagined. We have strong business secrets, solutions, & encouragement for this generation of leaders and it all starts with treating people with value, respect and honor.”

In spite of his various awards, his celebrity status, his dynamic and motivational public speaking, Ron would like this bio to read mostly about his heart to help others. Ron was not given a perfectly dealt life. His career has been birthed out of challenge, trial and tribulation. Many of the same painful circumstances that plague you and I today he has had to overcome. It is through this overcoming of these challenges personally first that he has been given the ability to naturally and effectively help others. Ron’s desire to be on point and relevant for life has made him a perpetual student of the Divine, a longing to be devoted husband to his beautiful wife Tia, a dedicated father to his children, and a most humbled human being who can only speak in season the words that people need to hear, by first listening himself.

Tia Kardashian

Tia Kardashian
A Woman Against All Odds

Did you know that according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and out of those experiences, most cases of domestic violence never go reported[i]?

What these shocking and disturbing statistics mean is that the domestic violence of women has somehow affected every home and nearly every woman who has been a victim of domestic violence has felt as if they have had to keep silent. Rarely is it possible for women to overcome these life altering and traumatic events. As a matter of fact, odds are that women who come from homes of domestic violence will struggle their entire lives with unhappy relationships, unfulfilled dreams, and many unfortunate issues due to anger and the inability to forgive.

Tia Kardashian was once one of these women. Raised in an abusive and violent home her father abused her growing up and attempted murder on her mother multiple times. Because of her mothers inability to handle the abuse, and based on her decision to keep silent about it, her mother turned to heavy drug use and partying as an escape. This left Tia at the tender age of 7 being forced into adulthood to raise her little sister.

As in most turbulent and unsettled homes, a young Tia found herself on unstable and shaky ground. Having moved many times as a child, Tia had enough at the age of 16 and began fighting the fight for emancipation from her mother. Backed by the conviction that she would not end up “just another statistic”, Tia found the courage within to enroll herself in school and through her faith and consistent persistence over time she learned how to beat those stats by walking completely in forgiveness for the way that she was raised.

Today in addition to being a beloved wife to Life Coach and popular personality Ron Kardashian, Tia is a nurturing mother of two and desires mostly to share with others how she was able to break free from the cycle of abusive relationships and begin walking in a forgiving and loving way. Tia is currently in the process of authoring her first set of books, and will be covering such engrossing topics as:

  • Yes, there is life after a traumatic childhood
  • How to bring courage to this generation
  • Caring for your children, the righteous way
  • How to break free from generational divorces
  • How to raise children differently than you were raised
  • Successful parenting after growing up without parents
  • Learn to detox from your past

Tia Kardashian is undoubtedly the successful woman behind her husband Ron Kardashian and through her kindness, caregiving and encouraging ways has left Ron positively speechless on many occasions! Ron says about Tia: “She has changed my life and taught me what the definition of unconditional truly is.”

Tia is not shy to give credit in her life changing process where she believes credit is due and recognizes God as the center of her transformation. Upon her decision to go to school and pursue higher education, she through the grace of God was able to come full circle and begin devoting her life to taking care of others. She is a bonafide caregiver and at one time trained autistic children in her early years. In addition to taking care of her children and her husband, Tia also enjoys taking care of her mother in the “sunset” of her life.

Tia Kardashian has beat the odds that were so heavily thrown against her and desires to share with every woman she meets how they too can beat the odds. Tia has had to learn how to overcome fatigue, depression and life threatening illnesses. She believes every woman is a unique and wonderful creation and should be celebrated. She applies her husband Ron’s principles for success as found in his books: 30 Second Solution: The Breakthrough Method for Lasting Life Change and Get in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Program Work and could not be a more prouder wife. She is a leader among leaders of women, and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything is possible if you just DON’T QUIT and definitely DON’T KEEP QUIET.

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