Sponsor Packages

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Corporate and Individual sponsors are helping make a better life for women worldwide

Our sponsors make a tremendous difference in the lives of women worldwide by creating dignified visibility of their organizations and brand through showing their global care.  Standing side by side with our sponsors, Kardashian Enterprises and the “Empowering Women Red Carpet Events” strive to empower the cause of Women’s Transitional and also to support educational homes for women who have experienced severe trauma in the domestic violence arena. It is in our mission and vision statement to: Bring awareness to sexual discrimination in the workplace, educate the public on the realities and common practices of sex trafficking, and how to greater understand what color/gender equality and Red Cross Health truly means. Not only do our much revered sponsors join us in the fight for women’s empowerment in addition, our sponsors help provide scholarships, business tools, technology and resources to aid us in reaching women internationally by empowering the spirit of a woman to regain her strength,  believe in herself, increase her parental ability, strengthen her marriage and build a strong business acumen & ethic.


THE  CAUSE: Bring Hope and Empowerment to Women Worldwide.

VISION and PASSION: Empowered- Definition: The prefix em- comes from Latin roots: ‘into’ or to “put into.” An equipping or supply with an ability.

We are committed to “Put into” and equip woman worldwide with the necessary tools to achieve their dreams, passions, health and next level in business and in life.

MISSION and WORK: We will provide “Empowerment” red carpet conferences, events, executive coaching and workshops for companies and the women who attend. We will provide scholarships and support to women worldwide by giving them the tools and resources necessary in order to achieve and develop the life and business skills to achieve their ultimate success.

The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, New York and Dallas, TX have shown their support for us by being our host venues for the 2014 year.

There will be an award ceremony honoring various female leaders World wide presiding on Friday 3pm:

Forbes 500 Most powerful women – Honoring Women in the Marketplace – Honoring Women in the Community – Honoring Women & mothers PERIOD.

“When we give- we are as God’s hands on the earth”- Author unknown.


VIP Esteemed Sponsorship Levels.
The Gold Round Table: (Only 10 available): Bring your company. Seats 5-10.

($5000) – 5 tickets, 5 lunches, 10 autographed books (2 books for each attendee)

($10,000) – 10 tickets, 10 lunches, 20 autographed book (2 for each attendee), 10 private photos with Ron & Tia Kardashian. Placement of Company name on table.

Corporate or Individual Sponsor Level.

*All sponsors will receive placement on all web and marketing materials. OR, Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.

Be a Empowering Women Dream Maker ($20,000)

  •  Title of “Dream Maker” Sponsor on Main Stage in addition to the name of your company.
  • Sponsor a women who is not financially able to PAY for this life changing event.
  • Provide a full month’s Rent for a Woman and her children who are getting their life together and are working with a transitional housing or  Recovery Homes.
  • Logo Branding on Side Stage, on Background of Red Carpet Photo step and repeat..
  • Verbal Mention by Ron Kardashian LIVE on Stage
  • Logo and recognition on overheads. Including twitter and Facebook to over 100K people.
  • Distribution of marketing material to all event attendees.
  • Sponsor a less fortunate woman who cannot afford to attend conference.
  • Private Dinner after event at SF based Restaurant with Ron and Tia Kardashian.
  • Sponsor and Introduce the “Celebrity Hairstyle Colorist” giveaway for the ‘I am beautiful’ award for one attending woman.
  • 10 VIP Tickets with Lunch at VIP Table. ( Name on table) and 20 Raffle tickets

                                                                                    Be our Luncheon Sponsor: (40,000)

Stage mention via Ron Kardashian or one of your corporate delegates to speak. Name and Logo on all tables. Plus all of Dream Makers Sponsorship.

                                                                       Be a Empowering Women Life Maker ($50,000)

  • High visibility of your company with Titled “ Life Maker” Sponsor on Main Stage.
  • Sponsor & Introduce the “IPAD” giveaway for the ‘Aspiring Entrepreneur award’ of the year for one attending woman.
  • Provide a one year “Life Coaching scholarship” for a Woman in transitional housing.
  • Verbal Mention from Ron Kardashian LIVE on Stage and/or have a delegate from your company give words of gratitude or encouragement to event attendee live on stage.
  • Branding and integration into conference PRE, ONSITE and POST MARKETING, Public Relation and social Media Campaign. Reaching over 100K people.
  • Logo and recognition on overheads. Including twitter and Facebook to over 100K people.
  • 20 VIP Tickets to Event including VIP Table. ( Name on table)
  • Distribution of Marketing Material to all Event attendees
  • 50 Raffle tickets

Be our Empowering Women Elite Wisdom Sponsor: ($100,000)

  • Highest visibility for you and your company named with “Elite Wisdom Sponsor” Title.
  • Provide and introduce ( in name) two women with a 10K coaching scholarship/program for a career orientated mother already attending a major university.
  • Sponsor a less fortunate woman who cannot afford to attend conference.
  • Presenting LIVE introduction 3 times during LIVE event. Life Class sponsored by…..( Example: Google)
  • Main Stage Sponsor. ( with banner on main stage)
  • Your Logo, Name and Brand on all conference materials- Including twitter and Facebook to over 100K on the social network.
  • Main sponsor on Red Carpet Event.
  • Social Media Campaign to over 100K people.
  • Dedicated Press Release as Main Event sponsor.
  • Website Page Placement and 20 Raffle tickets for each member of table.
  • VIP Tickets to Main Event with VIP Table for 30 of your guests. ( Name on table)
  • Will Provide 1 year of incidentals for a women and her children within one of the recovery homes.
  • Ron Kardashian to make LIVE appearance at your personal or corporate event. ( Customer training or empowerment meeting)

Please contact us directly for any and all questions you may have. Call: 310.984.6907 Or email us info@kardashian.tv . Thank you for your support!Gratefully yours,

Ron & Tia Kardashian

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